University Pathway ProgramAcademic

The course is designed to fully prepare students for the upper-level yearly programs
and includes ESL preparation, as well as University adaptation and exam skills.
The program provides various advantages for the students, including:

This program helps students to progress from an A1 level to a B2 level by the end of the four modules. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to enhance their grammar, enrich their vocabulary, acquire essay writing and literary analysis skills, as well as develop effective communication and theoretical understanding of English assets. The Academic Start program also provides insights into future professions and the role of technology and automation in today’s world.


  1. LANGUAGE ARTS (A1 – A2)
  2. LANGUAGE ARTS (A2 – B1 low) + world studies   
  3. LANGUAGE ARTS (B1 low – B1 strong) + career studies
  4. LANGUAGE ARTS (B2)  + exam
Academic Start
Starts from Grade 8 to 11

education path

Academic English excellence from A2 level to a high score on the IELTS exam! 

Study Options

Within Academic Start, we are pleased to provide students with two study options:
the Independent option and the Premium option.
Choose the study option that aligns with your preferences and goals:
Study Option
Independent package
  • 192 LESSONS
  • 3 lessons a week + a Webinar
  • Intro lesson (Grammar + Vocab) + tutor support
  • Teacher-presented lesson + tutor support
  • Review lesson + tutor support
  • Webinar with a teacher
  • All 4 modules last 48 weeks.
  • Each Module = 12 weeks, 36 lessons, 12 Webinars
Study Option
Premium package
  • 192 LESSONS
  • 3 lessons a week + a Webinar
  • Intro lesson (Grammar + Vocab)
  • Review lesson + tutor support
  • Two live lessons with a teacher
  • Webinar + tutor support
  • All 4 modules last 48 weeks.
  • Each Module = 12 weeks, 36 lessons, 12 Webinars
Track Your Child's Success

Parent report

Our educational platform enables parents to stay informed about real-time results and receive an independent report every month, providing objective information about student learning progress.Знімок-екрана-2023-06-02-о-23.21.53.png

Course materials

  • Going through lectures
  • Watching videos
  • Reading materials
  • Taking quizzes
  • Completing assignmentsЗнімок-екрана-2023-06-04-о-23.31.30.png

Course materials

  • Multiple choice
  • Completing a text
  • Filling-in the gaps
  • Open-ended questions
  • Writing a short essayЗнімок-екрана-2023-06-02-о-23.24.09.png

Course materials

  • Check the score
  • Absolutely correct
  • Partially correct
  • Incorrect answers feedback
  • Teachers review and grading


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to support deserving individuals in their academic pursuits
Academic start

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