Webinar “Volunteering hours for OSSD program”

Webinar “Volunteering hours for OSSD program — tips and hacks”

On June 5th, our community gathered online for an insightful event titled “Volunteering hours for OSSD program — tips and hacks.” 

The session was aimed at helping students navigate the requirements for obtaining community involvement hours, a mandatory component of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program.

Understanding the Importance of Community Involvement Hours: Community involvement hours are essential for completing the OSSD. Each student must complete 40 hours of volunteering before finishing their courses. This requirement not only fosters community engagement but also helps students develop important skills and experiences. Additionally, volunteering can provide an opportunity for students to increase their scholarships at universities abroad. Many higher education institutions recognize and reward the value of volunteer work when considering scholarship applications.

Qualifying Volunteering Activities: The webinar clarified which activities qualify for community involvement hours:

  • Elementary Schools: assisting with school events, supporting School Councils, participating in reading programs, and providing homework support.
  • Secondary Schools: organizing school events, volunteering in the school library, researching community issues, and assisting with after-school programs.
  • Animal Care: volunteering at zoos, animal shelters, or farms.
  • Arts and Culture: helping in galleries, libraries, and community productions.
  • Charitable Organizations: assisting with special events, programs, and clerical tasks.

Guidance on logging and submitting hours. Students were given a detailed walkthrough on how to accurately log and submit their volunteering hours. Toronto Imperial School will provide the necessary forms that need to be filled out and signed upon completion of the hours. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the completion of these 40 hours before finishing their courses.

Finding volunteering opportunities. The event also provided valuable tips on finding volunteering opportunities that align with students’ interests and schedules. Whether passionate about animal care, the arts or educational support, there are numerous ways to fulfill the volunteering requirement.

The webinar was packed with essential information and practical advice, making it an invaluable resource for students working towards their OSSD.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and happy volunteering!

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