Our Mission

Our mission is to empower international students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to succeed in their academic pursuits and beyond.

We understand that the path to higher education can be challenging, especially for students from different countries with diverse backgrounds. That’s why we offer personalized support and guidance throughout the entire admissions process.

Students enrolled in the Dual Diploma program with TIS have the unique opportunity to earn two high school diplomas at one time. Students will continue to complete their diploma from their local school at the same time as studying courses online with TIS towards earning their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. When students complete the program, they have obtained the OSSD as well as a diploma from their local school in their home country.


Canadian Education System 

The ministry of education has developed a strong curriculum and policies and protocols that schools must follow. It offers students an open, friendly environment where students are encouraged to discuss questions or concerns with their teachers. The curriculum has been established to allow students the flexibility in their course selection to study subjects that interest them and set themselves up for the greatest success in their future. Built into students learning, it also inspires students to use critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. 

Studying in Canada students will benefit from a world-class education, Canadian college and university diplomas are recognized all over the world and Canada is consistently ranked among the one of the top education systems in the world.

The Ontario Secondary School diploma is recognized by Universities and Colleges globally. By obtaining and OSSD students can apply to Canadian Universities and Colleges as local students, which makes students have a greater chance of being accepted into the University of their choice. 

For students interested in pursuing their studies at an English-speaking University, taking secondary school courses in English prior to starting University sets them up for greater success during their first year. Students can improve their English while earning a second diploma. It allows students to learn the terminology and concepts in English, which will have them better prepared for their university studies. Students also get to familiarize themselves with the Canadian Education system, and teaching methods prior to starting post-secondary education.

TIS programs also allow students to interact with students and teachers from other countries. Students will have the opportunity to learn from Canadian teachers that are highly trained and offer different perspectives to the classroom. They will also be put into a class with students from other countries where they are able to learn from their experiences as well as broaden their cultural and social interactions.


Dedicated TIS Academic TeamBeyond the Program
TIS Academic Team

Throughout the program students will learn lifelong skills that will benefit them throughout their life, including time management, initiative, problem-solving and creating meaningful relationships. All of these will be useful to students long after they have completed the program.
Our experienced and caring members of the academic team make a point to personally connect with each student, ensuring they feel supported and ready to provide assistance whenever needed.


  • PhD Candidate for Applied Linguistics – University of York, Canada
  • International School Leadership Certifications (Level 1 to Level 4) – Western University, Canada
  • Excellent Teacher of the Year at International and Local Schools (5 times) – High school and Middle school (Canada [3] & Middle East [2])
  • Successful operations of expansion of 8 International Schools in the Gulf Region (UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Qatar)

Vice PrincipalAndrea Smith

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Nipissing University, Canada
  • 11 years in developing new programs and training teachers
  • Over 14 years of managing experience in education
  • Creator of Dual Diploma Programs

English and Social Schience TeacherAntoniette

  • Accomplished ESL/English/Social Sciences teacher
  • 10+ years of experience designing and instructing effective classes for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Successfully teaching in many different types of environments, including online and in multiple countries.
  • Specializing in designing lessons, completing curriculum alignment and incorporating real-life situations into courses.

Academic Development managerYaroslava Popovych

• 12 years of experience in education

• Cambridge certified teacher

• Creator of Dual Diploma Programs

• Helps students to master the international program for over 6 years


Head of Program DevelopmentVladyslava Chopei

• 12 years of experience in education

• Cambridge qualifications: CELTA and TKT

• Master's degree in English Philology

• Instructional design proficiency - design and deliver top-notch innovative and impactful educational experiences tailored to learners' needs


English language and literature teacherNicole Nicolau

• CELTA qualified

• Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

• 11 years of teaching English language and literature to international students, in Spain, Cyprus, and the UK.


Head of Client Service DepartmentAnna Karliuk

Manages a team of dedicated tutors who deliver outstanding service to our students. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of client services and ensuring the highest level of student satisfaction. Serves as the primary point of contact for the students, providing guidance, resolving issues, and maintaining strong relationships.

TIS Several Services

Advantages of studying at TIS

We have an interactive multimedia platform, all the course content for the curriculum is built into our platform and students can access everything from one place. The platform is easy to use and includes videos and interactive components to make learning more enjoyable for students.
Live Lessons
The school provides live classes with a teacher so students may interact and receive feedback immediately.
Tutor support
Each student is helped to maintain their motivation throughout the course. We closely monitor their performance on the platform to ensure their success.
Integrated Curriculum
Alignment the Canadian subjects with the local school. Online academic excellence without relocation expenses.
80% lower fees
Learning at home students obtain Canadian High School diploma within 2-3 years!
Global Recognition
The OSSD certificate enables students to apply to universities and colleges globally.
Canadian Teachers
Canadian teachers guide students every step of the way. Regular knowledge testing and personalized feedback help students gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.

OSSD 2nd yearRostyslav

At first, I thought that studying for a Canadian diploma would be very challenging, but with the help of my teacher and coordinator, I managed to navigate through everything and successfully complete the academic year.

OSSD 2nd yearChristina

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to study here, as the learning process is truly captivating. It consists not only of mastering interesting material but also of the support of the team. Furthermore, this program allows you to understand and immerse yourself in the foreign education system, which will help adapt and feel comfortable in universities and beyond in the future!

OSSD 1st yearSofia

The Canadian school program has been a valuable experience for me and has provided me with the opportunity to practically understand and try education abroad. Although the first academic year was a challenge for me, as the program does indeed differ from my school, I acquired many useful and new skills. This course taught me how to formulate thoughts in a structured way, analyze my own work and the behavior of others, such as characters from literary works, and apply teacher feedback to my work.

Our students stories


We support our students in writing motivation letters, and also provide reference letters from our Ontario-based, Toronto Imperial accredited school and teachers that help our students enter the university of their choice on a scholarship basis.

Scholarship at the University of South Florida, 15000 USD

Jayesh Patil

Scholarship at the Kings Mary University of London, UK 7900 GBP

Olga Koval

Scholarship at the University of Toronto, Canada 3500 CAD

Erica Lima
Toronto Imperial School students

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