Toronto Imperial School: a new academic year is started


Toronto Imperial School (TIS) proudly begins its academic journey, welcoming 200 students for Grades 9-11, offering Canadian High School dual diploma programs.

We are happy to announce that our school was launched in September! 200 students of Grades 9-11 have successfully started their studies in offline and online classes, supported and supervised by Canadian teachers. We are proud and glad to see such interest in our school.

«‎We are delighted to welcome our students, both offline and online, for the new academic year»‎ said the Vice Principal Andrea Smith. «We take pride in creating an environment that promotes excellence, diversity, and a global perspective. Our students are not just preparing for an education, they are preparing for a lifetime of success».

The launching of a new academic year at Toronto Imperial School signifies a fresh beginning, filled with promise and potential. As the school year unfolds, students at TIS are expected to excel and embrace the opportunities provided by the Canadian High School dual diploma programs.

With the 2023-2024 academic year officially underway, Toronto Imperial School stands ready to support its students in their quest for knowledge, personal development, and the pursuit of their dreams on a global scale.
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Toronto Imperial School, BSID №881941. All rights reserved © 2023.

Toronto Imperial School, BSID №881941. All rights reserved © 2023.