Welcoming new member to our school team!


We are thrilled to announce a valuable addition to our team: Antonietta Ramagnano, our new English and Social Science Teacher. With an impressive background and extensive experience, Antonietta is set to make a significant impact on our educational programs.


– Accomplished ESL/English/Social Sciences teacher. 

– 10+ years of experience designing and instructing effective classes for students from diverse backgrounds. 

– Successfully teaching in many different types of environments, including online and in multiple countries. 

– Specializing in designing lessons, completing curriculum alignment and incorporating real-life situations into courses. 


But that’s not all! Antonietta also plays a crucial role in our team by overseeing the training and certification of our educators to ensure they meet Canadian standards. She’s the driving force behind project evaluation, providing valuable feedback on student assignments, and contributes to the development of innovative academic programs.


We’re happy to have Antonietta on board!


Regus Yorkville Center 1235 Bay Street, 5th Floors, Office No. 511, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3K4

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Toronto Imperial School, BSID №881941. All rights reserved © 2023.