A new group has started their studies at Toronto Imperial School.


Welcome to the group of students from Mongolia at Toronto Imperial School. Ambitious educational goals become possible through our educational programs, no matter where you are in the world. Recently, we have started a group from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, at Toronto Imperial School. All of them are in the 11th grade and have joined the 2-year OSSD diploma program.

What awaits these high school students?

– Live online lessons with Canadian teachers.
Even the time difference (about 12 hours) didn’t seem to stop them from learning!
– Dual Diploma: students from Ulaanbaatar study subjects in an international program and complete the academic gap. Consequently, upon finishing the 12th grade, they will receive a local certificate along with the Canadian OSSD diploma, which enables them to become students in any country worldwide.

We should note the high level of English proficiency among our new students, as well as their enthusiasm for learning. For instance, their readiness and desire to study offline in a shared group based on their place of residence. In this way, they attend online lessons following the Canadian program and have the opportunity to experience mutual support and share their impressions.

We warmly welcome our new students to the Toronto Imperial School family and believe in their promising future!
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Toronto Imperial School, BSID №881941. All rights reserved © 2023.